The Ubiquitous Kiwi Fluffle Q&A

Q: Where does the The Ubiquitous Kiwi Fluffle come from?
A: The Ubiquitous Kiwi Fluffle comes from New Zealand.
Q: Why does the Kiwi Fluffle have to come somewhere if it is
A: The Ubiquitous Kiwi Fluffle exists in several different forms. Some
of them are from New Zealand.
Q: What are some of the other forms of The Ubiquitous Kiwi Fluffle,
those belonging to the non-New Zealand subgroup?
A: All forms of The Ubiquitous Kiwi Fluffle appear as being
indistinguishable to men.
Q: Is there an effective way of separating The Ubiquitous Kiwi Fluffle
into those coming from New Zealand and those not coming from New
A: Yes. As separate agents, The Ubiquitous Kiwi Fluffle represent stable
and distinct specimens, it is possible to visually trace those of them
coming from New Zealand.
Q: Would the cost of equipment needed for this be something in a
reasonable range for a layman to purchase?
A: No layman should be engaging in experiments involving The Ubiquitous
Kiwi Fluffle. As yet it is not unlawful, but a bill is in the process of
being signed by the Cabinet of Ministers.
Q: Do these experiments represent possible danger to either humans or
The Ubiquitous Kiwi Fluffle? If so, what are the specifics?
A: I am not at liberty to disclose any concrete information at this
Q: Are there publicized accounts of the experiments performed on The
Ubiquitous Kiwi Fluffle by scientists, scientific articles published in
journals, lab notes, anything at all accessible to the public?
A: At present , the decision has been made that all results related to
the experiments on The Ubiquitous Kiwi Fluffle are not to be disclosed
to the general public.
Q: Just what is The Ubiquitous Kiwi Fluffle, anyway?
A: It appears to be a small bird.
Q: Can you be more specific than that?
A: At present, we do not... we are not at liberty to disclose any further
Q: Are there concrete plans to disclose this information to the public?
A: I would like to end the Questions and Answers session at this
point. Thank you.