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Would you like some tea, perhaps? Take any pot you like.

pot pot pot

Want to know what I am doing now? Most likely, the same thing you are: Banging head on computer

Well, really, it's either that, or running around as usual (or pushing a rock up a cliff, if you like).

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And here is a picture of me. One of the best ones I have, in any case.

I am, among other things:
  • astgtciv

    (pronounced "as-te-ge-te-siv"). A momentary lapse - and for eternity I'm stuck with an acronym for a quote from Schiller for a username. Can you guess the quote?

  • Benvenuto BOBHYTAPb

    Don't even ask how that name came about. But do xref with my friend Francesco DEBEDb.


  • I am a proud ex-member of the Teapot "What? Where? When?" team. (Russian only, KOI-8 ONLY!!!)

  • I am an ex-proud member of the soon-to-come MXATACKPAI-O, or One Absurd's Theatre.

  • I am an ex-second of the no longer existing MIT KBH team.

  • Recently, I started to play Go and now I am an IGS Member. Even more recently, I stopped.

  • I liked Chinese literature. Unfortunately, since I did not know Chinese, I had to spend endless hours trying to decipher chinese characters. So, I gave that up too.

  • I used to be a major participant in the development of the Random Number Theory. In particular, the breakthrough discovery of the random properties of number 37 with my friend and long time research partner Ilya Shlyakhter merited us an article in the New-York Times.

  • Someday, I will find that I have learned to juggle.

  • A couple of plays: Finont&Grior, On The Road To and a short story. (Russian only, KOI-8 ONLY!!!)

  • In the mood for poetry? Clickable Poems™ by Kovrov&Vovnutar.

  • Before I grow up, I hope to run away from home and join in the capacity of a metaphysical midget.

  • If you know what the phrase "freakin' third snaps" means, please e-mail me right away. I am sure at this point you also think that it's important.


  • Completed my M.Eng. Thesis [publication] in Computer Graphics under Professors Julie Dorsey and Seth Teller of the Computer Graphics Group at LCS.
    It was about constructing 3-D models of trees from photographs.

  • Here is a poem I wrote comparing Ethernet to the ATM Network. It was written for a class and can be sung to M. Scherbakov's Intermission I.

  • Alex Shterenberg and I are the proud creators of LAMWITTY, a Voice Tracking Video Unit, for 6.111 Digital Systems Lab. Now dismembered, LAMWITTY consisted of a two-kit processing unit, 4 microphone setup and a $126 miniature pinhole camera mounted on a couple of 6.270 servos. One of us would speak, and LAMWITTY would turn in the 3-D direction of the speaker, and look at him. Until the very last moment we weren't sure that it was even theoretically possible for us to get it to work... but we did, and LAMWITTY even managed to win the Bell Northern Research Undergraduate Laboratory Prize (ufff..)

  • Check out my resume and make me an offer I can't refuse. I'll gladly accept it.


  • Films that have left me profoundly impressed (in reverse chronological order of watching):

    Izo by Takashi Miike (note: i do not recommend this film to anyone)
    Taste of Tea by Katsuhito Ishii
    Mind Game by Masaaki Yuasa
    Resurrection of the Little Match Girl by Sun-Woo Jang
    Songs From The Second Floor by Roy Andersson
    Otesanek by Jan Svankmajer
    Brewster McLoud by Robert Altman
    Branded To Kill by Seijun Suzuki
    Simon Magus by Ben Hopkins (note: his "The Nine Lives of Tomas Katz" might well be the best film ever made)
    The Warrior and The Princess by Tom Tykwer
    Afterlife by Hirokazu Koreeda
    Of Freaks and Men by Aleksei Balabanov
    A Pure Formality by Giuseppe Tornatore
    Ashes of Time by Wong Kar-Wai

  • Are you wondering, perhaps, who the mysterious man with the bottle is?

  • And his friend, the mysterious one-armed man?

  • Sometimes, the mysterious man with the bottle and the mysterious one-armed man like to hang out together.

  • Did you know that Bill Gates endorsed the Red Hat distribution of Linux? Proof.

  • Nadine and I took this photo near a travel agency in Tromso, Norway, in the summer of 1999. Accidentally, we developed it in September, 2001. What do you think is going on?

  • Some important information regarding The Ubiquitous Kiwi Fluffle.

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